Flower Galore, a Spring Journal

Flower Galore, a Spring Journal

Please your eyes by seeing flowers, tons of them! Spring is sure the right time to see them and Keukenhof is one destination you should go to.

Keukenhof garden is located in Lisse, Netherlands. Lisse can be reached in 20 minutes by bus from Amsterdam. There is shuttle bus from Schiphol Airport to Keukenhof directly, it’s better though to book your transportation in advance. For more transportation info see here

The flower garden of Keukenhof is open during spring showcasing hundreds variety of tulips. With 32 hectares of flowers area, the garden has both outdoor and an indoor pavilion. Not only tulips, but the indoor spaces are filled with other flowers as well, such as orchids and anthuriums.

Here are some things to prepare if you want to visit the beautiful garden of Keukenhof:

  1. do check weather beforehand to ensure you’re going to enjoy the view showering with sun
  2. prepare your preferable mode of transportation to and from here in advance
  3. bring water! you might be exhausted from strolling around the garden
  4. last but not least, make sure your camera is ready to take hundreds of panoramic pictures or even selfies!

All in all, it’s a must place to visit in spring for sure!



Photos & Text by Putri Talitha.

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