Rp 75.000

This snakes and ladders board game is a fun way to learn historical sites in Bandung! The tiles line were divided into several time zone where in each zone, children who participated as Time Warriors in Sahabat Kota Community 2014’s Summer Camp, had contributed images that represented their time in “exploring time” together in the summer camp.

Enjoy the game with your loved ones and dive to Bandung time journey in the eyes of children. Get some intermezzo and gain new knowledge about Bandung together by playing!

Dice and pawns included. Closed : 10.5 cm x 26 cm. Opened : 101 cm x 26 cm. The contents on the game tiles are originally made and curated by the children who participated in SAHABAT KOTA’s summer camp 2014; HARITA. Made in Indonesia.

This is a product of SAHABAT KOTA.

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