Places & Spaces Vol. 1: On a Train

Places & Spaces Vol. 1: On a Train



It’s been quite some time
where we’ve been staring at the same,
familiar environments over and over again.

We live in a fast pace between everything;
everything comes through in an hour or minutes
with tons of information,
and that includes changes and distractions.

We don’t have enough time to digest everything.
What we have to do is only adapting and going on with it.
We don’t realize anymore that we neglect,
or ignore things that came across us.

Even on the place we’ve already visited
or the sense and mood of a particular scene, smell, sound
and how the wind breeze swept our face.

We tend to forget that; and right now, most of us stay in a standstill environment.

In this project, I want to share some places & spaces that I’ve visited, or gazed upon;
just ordinary places, sometimes too mundane,
but definitely intrigued me in the past, and try to put that in this tangible form.

I hope it will bring a new perspective, experience, memory
or joy for you and your space.

From space to space to anything.

Rimba Patria
July 2021.

Places & Spaces is a collaboration project series by PREEI and Rimba Patria. The project will have several series that include photography artwork by Rimba, printed on fabric.

The first series, called On a Train is consists of three pieces. All works are digitally printed on 90×120 cm chiffon fabric, wrapped in a vellum paper envelope, sealed with seal wax, and completed with a postcard of the photo. These fabrics are printed in limited quantities.

These works are collectible as well as functional.

Rimba Patria started taking photography many years ago. Using digital, analog cameras, or even smartphones.

He shares some of his shots on social media such as Instagram and blog. As his fondness for photography has grown a lot over time, he started to take photos more in daily life wherever he goes.

That leads us to initiate a project together that includes his shots in various places.

On a Train consist of three different photos, taken from his point of view when he was on a train in Japan.

They have different scenery that reminds him of certain times and spaces.

Furthermore, he makes this project to cured the viewer’s yearning of seeing a soothing environment in this uncertain time.

He also expects viewers to make their own interpretation from these shots.

These photo fabrics are available for order through our Tokopedia store and Shop at Macan.
Have a nice day!